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Fluorescence labeling

Fluorescent labeling technology refers to the use of fluorescent material or physical adsorption in covalent binding to a group of molecules, providing information of its research object by the fluorescence characteristics.

Some Fluorescent labeling modifications and data:

1. FITC modification

(1).Accessing FITC in the terminal of the whole chain, and before this accessing a molecule of Acp (6-aminocaproic acid), also known as alkyl spacer

(2)Accessing FITC to a side chain of Lys in the whole peptide. Lys side chains end -NH2 is four carbon alkyl, which directly reduces the steric effect

2.AMC modification

We provides high quality peptides with 5 (6) -FAM, FITC, CY5, RhodamineB, PNA, EDNAS/

dabcyl, Biotin, and other modifications.

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