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Peptide library is widely used in the related field,such as GPCR ligand screening, drug development, nucleic acid binding, protein-protein interaction, protein function analysis, screening enzyme inhibitors or substrates and

antigen epitope screening.

Guoping Pharmaceutical has a rapid high-throughput parallel peptide synthesis platform that enables our customers to

synthesize larger quantities of high purity peptides at lower cost than traditional methods.

Six types of peptide screening programs were constructed by us.

Bankpeptide library provides a reliable and effective platform for the identification of high throughput drug screening and protein interaction.

Range of services

Crude: we guarantee the purity>40%,also>90%, according to the sequences,meanwhile with great relationship of synthesis technology.

Purity:70%75%80%85%90%95%98% and 99% ,depending on your requires.

Desalination and Salt transfer : according to customers’ requirements, we can do TFA salt treatment, can also

convert to acetate.

Peptide length:1-30AA

Delivery time:2-3weeks, 1-2 weeks for urgent

Quality control:HPLC,MS and COA for each peptide in free

Capabilities: up to 8000-10000 peptides each month

After-sales service:  problems submitted in 1-2 weeks, we provide free-issue retest ,and refund for unqualified products.Ineligible goods retesting in 1-3 month free.

Technical support: our technical support permanent, customers enjoy experienced technical experts one to one


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