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Linear Peptide Synthesis

In accordance with customer demandWe can supply high - quality Linear peptides.

With mature peptide synthesis and purification methods, especially SPPS method and liquid phase synthesis method,we provide customers with high quality peptides:

1.  Purity : crude ,70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 98%, 99% .

2. Desalination and Salt transfer : according to customers’ requirements, we can do TFA salt treatment, can also convert to acetate.

3. Delivery time: within 30 amino acids, about 2 weeks, urgent order, 1weeks.

4 Quality control: providing MS, HPLC and COA reports documents of each peptide with delivery free.

5.After-sales service:  problems submitted in 2 weeks, we provide free-issue retest ,and refund for

unqualified products. ineligible goods retesting in 3 month free,and store samples2 weeks.

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